Photo by Mikaela Raphael

Photo by Mikaela Raphael

A word from Austin Hatcher...

Hailing from the midwest, I am a cinematographer currently living off the central coast of California. Growing up in what many refer to as the “Age of the Internet,” I always felt naturally drawn to cinematography. Familiarizing myself with a camera at a young age, I found myself behind the lens more often than not in those early years, if for nothing more than to assist in humiliating my friends (more than willing participants) on YouTube. The years since have largely been spent obsessively developing that interest into a passion, disciplining my art, & mastering the craft of visual storytelling, communication, & catharses. Through meticulous, detail-oriented study, as well as tangible, hands-on experience in the field, I angled for a career in photography & filmmaking immediately after high school. Fueled by an innate desire to create & express, coupled with a rapidly-expanding work history of successes in the field (resulting in an ever-growing team of supporters), today I remain as dedicated to realizing that dream as ever. 

With little to rely on but a competitive spirit & the self-taught methodical approach of trial-and- error, I co-directed and produced award-winning short films, against impossible odds (and on impossible budgets). Freelancing in the field, I conceptualized, directed, shot, & edited countless music videos for both small-budget independent acts, as well as label-supported projects, which exposed my work to an audience of millions, securing features on websites, blogs, and alternative music publications, including Alternative Press magazine. It wasn’t long before I was almost constantly working, my calendar work week containing fewer gaps than ever before; wedding photo-shoots, commercial projects, video gigs, project development, all the while managing in editing sessions and maintaining a consistent stream of communication with both existing and potential clients.

With a wider range of services than ever, I am currently seeking to lend my knowledge, skills, and/or products to serve the needs of your project. The sole owner of Austin Hatcher Visuals, I am afforded the luxury of adjusting my services to meet the detail-specific needs of every customer, on their budget. Should you desire an original video rooted in artistic complexity, or family-focused photography naturally captured in aesthetic simplicity, I will approach your project appropriately, ensuring every client a final product that meets requirements yet exceeds expectations.

*Client reviews/references provided upon request.

Have a specific event for which you could use my services? Looking to collaborate on an original idea? Or, maybe you just want to pick my brain? Whatever the case may be, I’d love to hear from you. Reach out to me at: